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Play a Real Guitar, Fags! Play a Real Guitar, Fags!

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I really hope you aren't being serious. But either way, it was funny.
Make some more.

in the meadow in the meadow

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I love it! It just sounds so soothing and nice! Bravo!

snayk responds:


Dad 'n Me Dad 'n Me

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Songs like this are amazing and i love them. You must make more and more.

You rock

DarKsidE555 responds:

Already on it man! If you like some more songs from me, just visit my profile and have fun listening! :)

Thanks for checking! Glad you enjoyed the song!

Elevator ! Elevator !

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Make more

Make more music. This is great. Very good. Please make more.

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Hazy Cave Maze Hazy Cave Maze

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I love this! The rock part is the best!
You are great!

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Fuck Your Real Guitar w/Guitar Fuck Your Real Guitar w/Guitar

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This is far beyond the best song I have EVER heard. I am serious. I am a real...musical...guy, and I heard all of the background guitar and bass and everything. Awesome. I even can hear and hum out the solo at the end!


Eternalreich responds:

unholy hell, you heard that shit?

well god damn

oh yeah the solo isn't me its jrayteam6 a fellow charlestonian

hail satan and metal up your ass real guitar or not

Fatality Fatality

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This is so amazing i am making a flash outta this someday!

P.S. I agree with larjenius... it almost sounds like Guitar VS piano in the middle!

Avast Avast

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This is TOO amazing!

Evil-Dog - Asshole! Evil-Dog - Asshole!

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Very Impressive!

Awesome! cant wait until SCGMDX3! lol this'll probably be in it!

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah I messaged the guy, maybe he'll use it! :)

Switch Vs Evil-Dog -> Round 2 Switch Vs Evil-Dog -> Round 2

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why must my two favorite artist fight?

lol this is great